Sleep deprivation


Sleep deprivation

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Maybe it’s certain age when we should and we do start thinking about the quality of our sleep or maybe our organisms will tell us when’s the right moment. Nonetheless, sleep is very important for our proper functioning and high results in every aspect of life, so sooner or later you’ll reach a conclusion that it’s worth to get enough sleep.

Some interesting vocab:
cup of joe = cup of coffee
to bite the bullet – to face something difficult
detrimental effects = harmful, damaging effects
havoc = devastation
satiety = fullness
impaired = disturbed, disordered
a go-getter = a successful hard-worker
REM sleep phase = rapid eye movement sleep phase
recuperate = recover
to feel groggy = to feel sleepy, tired, not able to think clear because of exhaustion
insomniac [an insomnia] = a person suffering from problems with falling asleep

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